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The lunar eclipse on April 4th 2015 will take place with the Moon in the sign of Libra. The effects – surprising and sometimes noisy – will be felt on the days around this date and will concern especially relationships (couples, collaborations, friendship, etc.), justice, the areas of arts, beauty industry and entertainment. Aries and Libra will of course be the first affected, but the events will not address to them exclusively.
The first part of April 2015 will also be very animated by the successive Sun-Uranus and Mercury-Uranus conjunctions that will take place in Aries and will generate unusual, unexpected and renewing effects, but also sudden changes of situations, various incidents and accidents. The most concerned signs will be: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
The Mars-Pluto combination will give the direction and tenacity, while the Mars-Jupiter square will give the exuberance and the unconscious courage which often lead to great deeds. He who knows how to combine the effects of these two aspects will have the desired accomplishments.
Beware, though, because this combination carries a risk of fanaticism which, put together with the hidden influence of the developing square between Saturn and Neptune, can lead to regrettable misdirection!
Still in April 2015, Jupiter and Pluto will change their direction of movement (Jupiter will resume its straight movement, and Pluto will start a retrograde movement). This “re-orientation” will disturb them, will make them more unpredictable, more aggressive.
All these astral events will make April 2015 a lively, tumultuous, colorful, exciting and challenging month, but with a high risk of careless acts, conflict, violence, accidents. Things could easily get out of control, including as regards finances, assets and valuable things.
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